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Too Old To Dine After Sundown?

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My first official birthday gift. This was given to me by a co-worker. See my old favorite mug looking shunned in the background?

Tomorrow's my birthday. I have tricked a large group of my friends- 14 in all - into having dinner Friday night at a local Mexican restaurant.

Let me interject a comment from my 16-year-old son here: "Mom, I am impressed you even have 14 friends."

 I called the restaurant to make a reservation last night and was told they are not taking reservations from 6-8 pm. We live in a college town and this is the first week back for students. Because of this, the restaurants will all be fairly full. The owner offered us a 4:30 time and I laughed. I'm not going to be so old that I have to eat during the early-bird specials. Then the owner offered me an 8 pm. I took this time but this morning I am looking at it in a different light.

Eight at night is kind of late for dinner. I usually eat before 7 and then by 8 I am pretty much done for. That's when I pull on the *give-up-on-life pants and settle down for the evening. So, the question now becomes: Am I too old to eat that late? Gosh, I sure hope not.

*My son's slang for sweatpants.

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  1. I'm impressed you have 14 friends, too. Seriously. I have, like, . . . if you count my family . . . 6.

  2. I sure as hell am too old to have dinner at 8:00 - I'd be asleep by 9 (maybe 9:30 at the latest). But then I do believe we established in an earlier post that I am A LOT older than you are.......

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog and giving me the opportunity to read yours. You are too young to sound like me in this one! My kids would tell me the same things about being impressed with that number of friends. and the give up on life pants...i'm pretty much in those every nite by 6! love it!