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The Backward Life

“The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress.” —Philip Roth

Livin' A Little

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My husband is an artist, and by definition, is a little quirky. He is very funny, but can sometimes be too serious for his own good. The other week, he voluntarily joined in with my oldest daughter Maggie to dance with XBox Kinect game Just Dance. The result? The best 3-1/2 minutes I have ever spent. Who knew he had such good moves?

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  1. Erin! Seriously! He's not half bad! He's more than not half bad - he's not even 1/4 bad! How fun - - and what a great memory for Maggie to have her dad dance with her!! Awesome!

  2. He's having such obvious fun! I love it when people have pure fun! Cool! I think they BOTH won!